Goalie Instructors

All of our instructors have been or are goalies. They have all played or coached at a high level and have been trained to run goalie classes in our unique environment. We all have one goal in mind and that is to pass on our knowledge and experiences to help you become the best goalie possible. Our instructors have experience from all levels of hockey, from Rep to Junior and all the way up to the NHL. All of our instructors work specific days and may be available on their off day for privates.

Hockey Skills Instructors

Our shooting instructors have the knowledge to break down the different types of shots to maximize the power, accuracy and quick release of each shot. They have played hockey and coached at a high level. Since we specialize in shooting and puck control we use only instructors who have a strong understanding of the skills needed in this area. We will work on other aspects of the game such as power skating and checking but these are private lessons only.