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2 on 2 Tournament

It's back!

Our annual Christmas Eve 2 on 2 tournament is back this year. We've changed the format slightly. We will now have 2 age groups.

Age groups are based on the year you were born.

2008-2010's play from 9am-11am

2005-2007's play from 12:30pm-2:30pm

As always, teams are comprised of 2 skaters and 1 goalie, the games are 5 minutes in length (and seriously, that's all you can handle), round robin, and playoff format. Prizes for the winners.

Spots are limited, so please sign up quickly, either by calling us, email, or come in the store.

Cost is $95.00 +tax per team.


Skate Treadmill

On Ice Hockey Performance Centre is happy to announce the opening of our new skate treadmill.

Come on your own, or with some teammates, and develop your skating technique on our treadmill. 

For Beginners: Work on your balance and quickly improve your skating ability.

For Veterans: Improve your stride, and your puck handling skills.

We are offering 30 minute sessions for just $25.00 until January 2020. So jump on that great price and try out the treadmill.

We are also offering the ability to package time on the treadmill with time in the gym. Book 30 minutes with the treadmill, and follow it up with either an hour of Yoga or an hour long workout (depending on the day). Get the two together for just $40.00.

Call us to begin booking time!

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