team packages


Team Training - Goalie Partners

Train with your goalie partner!

Goalie Partners will have 4 options when it comes to training at On Ice.

Team Practice (Book 5 or more)

Let us make your practice goalie friendly. We will help your goalies get the most of the team practice without interrupting the team.

$75.00 +tax per practice min of 5 

10 Private Lessons

Use On Ice to increase ice time 

Goalies share a private lesson 

Work on the area most needed since the lesson is about your goalies

$900.00 +tax

5 Elite lessons each

Practice with a Sr Instructor and high level goalies

$500.00 +tax

10 Group Lessons each

Get the most training with a limited budget

$700.00 +tax

Train Together

Train with your goalie partner and build chemistry so you can defend the net together, and work best for your team. 

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Team Training - Players

Players have 2 options for training

3 x 1 hour Shooting Clinics

(5 shooters per hour)

$300.00 +tax

3 x 40 minute Shooting Clinics

(5 shooters per 40 minutes)

$200.00 +tax

Become Snipers Together

Work as a team to develop your shots. We'll teach you about weight transfer, and balance so that your shot will become harder, faster, and more accurate. 

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Team Training - Whole Team

Train as a team and save!

Bring your team to On Ice and get the most out of your money with this Team Package.

Goalies will get:

10 Team Practices

5 Private Lessons @ On Ice both goalies attend

& 4 Game Evaluations

Players will get:

2 Shooting Clinics @ On Ice

3 x 1 hour group sessions 

The Team will get:

2 dry land conditioning sessions at On Ice fitness center

Cost: $1800.00 +tax

Teams can also book off ice conditioning sessions separate from the Team Package 

3 x 1 hour group sessions for $150.00 +tax

Work as a Team

Bring your whole team to On Ice and save some money, build chemistry, and develop your skills so you become a dangerous force on the ice. 

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