Team Training - Goalie Partners

Train with your goalie partner!

Goalie Partners will have 4 options when it comes to training at On Ice.

Team Practice

Let us make your practice goalie friendly. We will help your goalies get the most of the team practice without interrupting the team.

$100.00 +tax for a single practice


$75.00 +tax when you book 5 or more

10 Private Lessons

Use On Ice to increase ice time 

Goalies share a private lesson 

Work on the area most needed since the lesson is about your goalies

$900.00 +tax

5 Elite lessons each

Practice with a Sr Instructor and high level goalies

$500.00 +tax

10 Group Lessons each

Get the most training with a limited budget

$700.00 +tax

Train Together

Train with your goalie partner and build chemistry so you can defend the net together, and work best for your team. 


Team Training - Players

Players have 2 options for training

3 x 1 hour Shooting Clinics

(5 shooters per hour)

$300.00 +tax

3 x 40 minute Shooting Clinics

(5 shooters per 40 minutes)

$200.00 +tax

Become Snipers Together

Work as a team to develop your shots. We'll teach you about weight transfer, and balance so that your shot will become harder, faster, and more accurate. 


Team Training - Whole Team

Train as a team and save!

Bring your team to On Ice and get the most out of your money with this Team Package.

Goalies will get:

10 Team Practices

5 Private Lessons @ On Ice both goalies attend

& 4 Game Evaluations

Players will get:

2 Shooting Clinics @ On Ice

3 x 1 hour group sessions 

The Team will get:

2 dry land conditioning sessions at On Ice fitness center

Cost: $1800.00 +tax

Teams can also book off ice conditioning sessions separate from the Team Package 

3 x 1 hour group sessions for $150.00 +tax

Work as a Team

Bring your whole team to On Ice and save some money, build chemistry, and develop your skills so you become a dangerous force on the ice. 


Team Training - Off Ice

Whole Team Off Ice Conditioning:

Off ice conditioning for your team at On Ice. Team split into 2 or 3 groups. We have a complete fitness facility and can accommodate all age groups. 

Contact us to book your team in our gym

Develop Your Skills Off the Ice

Bring your team to our gym and work on your strength and conditioning together. Become strong off the ice so you can dominate on the ice.