We keep our prices as low as possible, so playing the game you love is affordable. What we do not carry, we can custom order. Why go “big-box” when you can get what you want here at the best prices from people who know goalies best!

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*NEW* Mask Painting *NEW*

Bring your mask in to us and we’ll get you set up with our new mask painting partner “Jawzy”

Check out their custom work in the link below

Jawzy Custom Mask Painting

Shin Pad Tape 

Clear Tape - 24mm x 25mm: $2.50

Clear Tape 3 Pack - 24mm x 25mm: $6.00

Coloured Plastic Tape - 24mm x 30mm: $2.75    

Cotton Stick Tape   

White - Regular: $3.00 - Wide: $3.25

Black  - Regular: $3.25 - Wide: $4.25

Coloured - Regular: $5.00 - Wide: $4.00

Patterned - Regular: $5.75 - Wide: $4.00

Grip - Assorted Colours: $4.00

Trainers’ Wrap - Assorted Colours: $4.00    

Skate Laces   

All sizes, colours, and waxed - 72″, 84″, 96″, 108″, 120″: $4.50    

Hockey Pucks and Balls   

Official Game Puck: $3.39

Practice Puck: $1.41 

       - 50 or more (price per puck): $1.13

Blue Puck: $2.26

Heavy Red Puck: $2.83

Mini Black Puck: $2.83

White Puck: $2.26

Smart Ball: $11.29

Green Biscuit: $11.29

Soft Red Puck: $3.11

Ball Hockey Ball: $4.51

Reaction Ball: $11.30

Mini-Stick Ball (Pack of 4): $11.3

Hockey Tape

Hockey Tape