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About On Ice Hockey Performance Centre

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Our Philosophy

Keeping the puck out of the net is the #1 rule of any goalie at any level.

Our goalie lessons are based on position, movement, recovery, focus and conditioning. We teach a fundamental base for goalies to allow their natural style to shine. We are open-minded when it comes to stopping a puck. The standard save we teach is still the butterfly, but we stress that the save must be made to the puck. This means a goalie should not drop; they should know where the puck is going and make the proper save that will control the puck after the save.

We have had great successes over the years and whether you are a young beginner, an older goalie wanting to update your skills, or a pro getting ready for the season, we are here for you. We run league programs, coach’s clinics, team shooting practices and goalie clinics. We are your hockey specialists in every sense of the word. We don’t do anything else. Goaltenders may be our specialty, but we are so much more than goaltending.

Goalie Lessons

Consist of a twenty-minute cardio and technical instruction followed by forty minutes of stopping pucks to reinforce the technical instruction. 

Player Lessons

Are based on weight transfer and passing for the first twenty minutes followed by forty minutes of quick-release and accuracy drills.  We teach valuable skills! This is one part of the game where all players need individual attention. Our small class sizes allow us to work on a one-on-one basis with all of our students.  

Strength & Conditioning

On ice training is important for hockey development, but we believe that off ice training is also an integral part of any athletes development. We are proud to offer a full service gym with classes running daily to train your body to be more explosive and more efficient so you can better play the game we all love.

Goalie equipment

Our Facility

On Ice is a training facility designed to teach individual skills. While our training area is large enough to develop the required goaltending and shooting skills, its compact size enables us to create an intense 1 hour lesson where no one individual gets overlooked.

RINK A: 50×25 – Full Ice 

RINK B: 60×25 – Half Ice 

RINK C: 15×15 – Half Ice

Bujan Goaltending


“In the four years that my son has trained with you guys, we have NEVER had a bad trainer – you guys are really great – we just love it there :)” – Lorri

“Since returning from the Christmas tournament our son and his team went 9-1-1 only losing to the 1st place team by 1 goal. Really proud of his success and a lot of that has to do with his Tuesday instructor Mike.” – The Cook Family

“Best school ever.. My son’s game has improved 100% since going.” – Paul

“My son and his team won the Silver Stick Regionals! We are so thrilled with his progress – testament to you and your coaching Matt! He has come a long way in the past year – thanks for all your hard work!” – Kaylan