On Ice Goaltending School

Group Lessons – 1 hour, up to 4 goalies in the middle training room.

     *Single - $53.00 +tax

     *5 Pack - $240.00 +tax (In season only)

     *10 Pack - $420.00 +tax (In season only)

10 in 10 – 10 Group Lessons over 10 weeks. Lessons expire 10 weeks after start date. 

     *Note: Day of, you may be put into either training room.  (In season only) 

     *$365.00 +tax

Semi-Private Lessons – 1 hour on the full ice, up to 2 goalies.

     *Single - $85.00 +tax

     *5 Pack - $400.00 +tax (In season only)

     *10 Pack - $750.00 +tax (In season only)

Private Lessons – 1 hour in the large full ice room.

     *Single (Full Ice) - $110.00 +tax

     *Private with Derek - $135.00 +tax

     *10 Pack - $975.00 tax (In season only)

Goalie Partner Training - 10 Private lessons with your Goalie Partner on the Large Ice.

     *$900.00 +tax


Our goalie lessons are designed for goalies of all ages and skill levels. Choose the class that best suits your needs and work ethic and call to book. Also check out our Specialized Program section for details on Summer Camps and other Holiday events. Whether you're a House league goalie or an NHL Pro, we can help you develop your skills and make big improvements in your game.