We are serious about sharpening your skates

Maintenance sharpening                                      $6.00

Sharpening Card                                                       $24.00

(4 Sharpenings, get the 5th free)

Complete clean up                                                   $10.00

Cross grind blade back to profile specs

Profile skates                                                              $20.00

Skate Sharpening – What Is Happening Here?

– A skate is sharpened by grinding (or cutting) a concave semi – circle into each skate blade. This semi – circle is called the “hollow.” The hollow creates your edges both inside and out. The “hollow” is created by a diamond tipped dresser on our skate sharpening machine. The hollow can be created in a wide variety of depths anywhere from 2” to ¼”. Each depth will have a different feel when you are on the ice. Our most  common hollows are:  Goalies: 5/8” and Players: 9/16 (deeper).”

The smaller the number, the deeper the hollow will be; the larger the number, the shallower the hollow will be.

A deeper hollow will give you more “grip” on the ice, thus your skate blade will “feel” sharper. 

Advantages: Edges will “bite” more in turns, giving more control to hold the edge(s). 

Disadvantages: Could cause you to lose speed due to the fact the blade is digging into the ice surface more.

A shallower hollow will still have “grip” – but less than that of a  deeper hollow. Thus having the feeling of not being as sharp.  

Advantages: a smoother gliding feeling due to less drag. Easier stops and starts. 

Disadvantages: Less “bite” in turns. Edges may feel like they are sliding out from under you.

Choosing a hollow is going to depend mostly on your personal preference.

Some other factors to consider when choosing a hollow is the weather at  the current time of year. Why does the weather outside have anything to  do with skate sharpening, you ask? Well, skaters should sharpen their  skates based on ice conditions, so keep in mind the softer the ice surface, the deeper your hollow will feel and vice versa.

How often you sharpen your skates is also going to be a matter of personal preference. Some players will sharpen their skates every time they skate. Check your skates for any nicks, stripped or “rolled” edges after you skate. If there are any you may want to get your skates sharpened if that is the case.

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