On Ice is proud to offer a variety of services to our athletes both on and off ice. Health is an important part of sport, and we have all the services you need to keep you in the game. Whether you're a goalie, player, or just an athlete, On Ice has all the services you'll need to stay physically and mentally fit for your game. 

Sports Health

Sports Evolution Physiotherapy

Sports Evolution Physiotherapy can help you reach your performance goals by providing and supplying the tools you need to take the next step. We have experience and specialize in treating NHL, AHL, CHL, OHL, Junior, and NCAA hockey players. We also have worked with olympic, volleyball, soccer, Crossfit, baseball, basketball, gymnast, golf, and rugby athletes and closely with police and fire professionals.  

Phone: (647) 927-5359

Website: https://www.sephysio.ca/


Mental Psychology

The goal of Wilson & Associates Mental Performance Consulting (WMPC) is to be able to develop a plan and the necessary tools that continuously puts it’s Clients in a position where they have the greatest probability for success.

This is achieved through an open mind, a willingness to accept ourselves, a willingness to learn, the ability to assume responsibility & accountability for our actions & thoughts, and most importantly to believe mental skills can help improve our performance.

Phone: (226) 868-5312 

Email: info@wilsonmentalperformance.com

Website: http://wilsonmentalperformance.com/



Understanding Sports Nutrition

To provide nutrients for growth and repair of muscle tissue due to stressed induced training. The proper diet can make all the difference in your performance.

Two key elements for performance are:

  • Proper food
  • Adequate rest

Eating properly can be a challenge in today’s busy sports schedule. Eating at restaurants may be easy but your performance will suffer, especially during weekend tournaments. If you are serious about you sport then supplements may be the answer for you.

We at On Ice are not registered nutritionists and do not pretend to know what’s best for each individual. We can advise through our training experiences and direct you to a qualified nutritionist if needed.

There are many sites on the web and this one has a lot of info:

Sports Nutrition  http://sportsmedicine.about.com/od/sportsnutrition/Sports_Nutrition.htm

Eating will be different for each individual; sometimes experimenting with different foods will help you find what works best for you. If you have any questions please send us an email and we will do our best to answer them.