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Goalie Lessons

Click here to check out the variety of lessons we offer to goaltenders. Whether you're a beginner looking for the basics, or a veteran looking to make it to the pros, On Ice can help you develop your skills to be an effective goaltender.

Hockey Player Lessons

Are you looking to develop your technical shooting skills? Or maybe you're looking to work on your edges and getting shots away under pressure, or in tight situations. On Ice is able to work on whatever shooting skills you need to develop.

Gym Training

You've spent lots of time training on ice, but you're looking to develop your athletic ability off the ice. Check out all the ways On Ice is developing athletes off the ice in our new gym. Also check our MINDBODY listing for all classes.

Hockey Team Training

Is your team looking to develop their skills together? On Ice is proud to offer packages to whole teams looking to train. Whether you bring everyone from your squad, or just your goalie partner, On Ice has something for you. Click here for more details.

Seasonal Goalie Camps

Whether you're looking for something over the Christmas Break, March Break, or the Summer, we've got options for you. Click here to find out about all of our seasonal development camps and activities to keep you busy during your down times.

Specialized Goalie Programs

Are you a new goalie? Maybe you need work on your skating abilities as a goaltender or player. If you need a specialized program to develop the skills you need, then click here. On Ice is proud to offer many services to our customers.

Hockey League Development

Each year On Ice partners with different leagues around the Hamilton area. Click here to see if you're league has a development package for you to take advantage of. Each season is different, so check back often.

Sports Health

We have also been working hard to provide our customers with everything they may need to develop as an athlete. We are proud to offer physiotherapy, mental training, and nutritional advice on site. Click here for more information about these services.