Off ice Training with hammer strength performance

On Ice uses the MINDBODY app to book lessons in the Office. Scroll down to see our weekly schedule of classes, and to the bottom of the page to register to our MINDBODY account. You can also download the app on to your phone or tablet using the iPhone, or Android store. Then search "On Ice Performance" to see our schedule and book classes.

Core Strength & Balance – Core Strength drives power and performance. Want to be strong on the ice? Then this class will get you started. This class is focused on increasing core stability and helping you learn to use your entire body to control the game.

     *Single Session - $15.00 +tax

     *5 pack - $70.00 +tax

     *10 pack - $125.00 +tax

HP Strength - General Athlete based off-ice strength and conditioning. This class is suitable for all ages and skill levels and is our most popular class. All classes can be tailored to any age and athletic ability. Introduction to strength based movements for athletes physically ready, and body weight movements for those athletes that need more time.

     *Single Session - $25.00 +tax

     *5 pack - $100.00 +tax

     *10 pack - $180.00 +tax

Hand Speed and Vision Training - Designed to increase performance of mental processing and ability of the eyes to function with the brain. This class is focused on speeding up hands and increasing the ability to track with the eyes. Perfect for elite goaltenders or players looking to optimize performance.

     *Single Session - $15.00 +tax

     *5 pack - $70.00 +tax

     *10 pack - $125.00 +tax

Supple Leopard Mobility - A mobility class designed to improve performance of joint range of motion. Impingement release, and injury prevention are the main aspects of this class. Joint manipulation to better prepare all ages and levels of athlete to perform at a higher level and reduce the risk of injury.

     *Drop-in - $10.00 +tax

     *5 pack - $45.00 +tax

     *10 pack - $85.00+ta

Dryland Training

 Not all hockey training is done on the ice. Come in to The Office and work on your balance, mobility, hand speed and vision, and much more in our brand new gym.